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Brick Wall

"It is a pleasure to acknowledge the high level of professionalism exhibited throughout the elevation process of my house. Aldrete & Sons Shoring Company exceeds the expected standards of the industry by providing its customers with expert workmanship and a competent project team. Every telephone call was answered and all questions were explained thoroughly and politely. The ethical caliber of this company and workers is unsurpassed. I am totally satisfied with the results as are my neighbors who witnessed the daily site cleanup and polite behavior of the crew. I would recommend Aldrete & Sons without hesitation."

Tammy Burst

Cracked Mud

"I have used the services of Aldrete & Sons Shoring twice and can attest to the quality manner of their workmanship. First time was in 1982, my home suffered from severe subsidence (19" in SE corner) and had to be lifted and leveled. The work was done in such a neat, clean, and organized fashion we were hardly inconvenienced. I never had to leave my home and at the end of each day of work the premises were spotless. The work was professional and went about the task at hand. ​In 2005, Hurricane Katrina flooded our home for the 3rd time and thanks to the Road Home Program I was afforded the opportunity to raise my home above the flood level. There was no question about which company I would hire!  I called Aldrete & Sons shoring again, he still employed some of the same experienced staff as before, and the work proceeded without any complications and never did we need to leave our home during the raising process. Mr. George Aldrete and his staff were always easy to contact, answered our questions, and performed the elevation task as promised. What more could you ask for?"

Thora S. Godwin & Susan Godwin Tramontana

Wood Piles

"Aldrete & Sons raised my house in October of 2011. They helped me from the beginning with the paperwork and stayed in contact with me over the two years and 5 different mitigation analyses. The day I was called to say I finally got approved they started working on my house the next day. They were professional, committed, and prompt. They have an amazing crew and everyone they had from the beginning of my job to the end were reliable and kind. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in getting their house lifted or leveled."

Tracy LeRouge

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